The Carbs

so i hate eating but hav to,,but i find myself checking every label if its to high i want buy it.

even with soy milk etc,if it gets to much i just dont buy anything..

i use to find myself just standin ver lik a **** kust starin at packages of food but never buyin anything.

id start freakin out if i ate more calories etc ven id pland,and ven workin out untill id burned them of..

i hate the fact that i see my fat but noone els dos,,

i feel like im so over weight to the point i think the scales are false even if they read 55kilos..

i dont purge anymore but im still bulimic minded which is no better..
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

The carbs, omg I love the taste but they make me fat! It's so hard to stay away!!!

get into muscle building lol this is prob not helpful but if your working out with wieghts youll want to eat more to turn it to muscle! just a suggestion lol