I Hate Everythin

i hate my face, my small booobs, i hate my body , my big hips my ugly face i hate it all but u cant change who u are and it makes me so mad i would do anythign to look like a super model i am so insacure i just hate everything and it makes me upset
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18-21, F
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It's not like all super models have big boobs, but supermodel don't actually look like that, The way I see they are just hiding there real complexion, but we are all flawed, that's the beautiful thing about it, I think a girl look her best in the morning no make-up on, just the real her

I think you have very little to worry about. Your face and body look great, and small boobs are not an issue........I know how it feels to feel bad about yourself but you really shouldn't have those insecurities. You look great. Be proud of what you look like.

ur beating ur self up 4 no reason at all ur beautiful

hey how do you define beautiful?did you know you are one?hhhmm

That's crazy talk. You look fine. Your gorgeous. There's nothing wrong with big hips. Most guys like that. Boobs are just a thing. The girls with huge ones always complain about their back hurting. So there you go. There's plenty of reasons for liking yourself. But to me looks are mainly ba<x>sed off your personality.

Hey! You are extremely GORGEOUS!! and what you stated in your story is wrong! You have perfect structure... i think you have to wait a few years to be a model, when your maturity fulfills and you will attain a sexy look! :) # Pretty #

It's not about changing who you are, but your perception of yourself. You're a beautiful young woman...you'll find your confidence sweetie. Best wishes. xoxo

I think u are so crazy, u are very hot sexy and extremilly gorgeus girl, big tts are always fake, i never like fake ppls, "hips" all guys like d hips on a girls, and d lips omg ur lips are perfect look angelina jolly, now everybody want her lips, so what are u talking about, ur perfect, anyway add me, and if u dont want ur body, let me have it :-)

Aww your s
so nice

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