Its Not the Shell.. Its the Nut Inside...

 I dont understand why people look at the Shell of a person and pass on a internal judgement based on what they see... When its the Nut inside the person that makes the person unique in there own way..

Dont you think that the way the media.. T.v. and opions of others mold society.. that people have to Think that in order to blend in.. and be accepted.. that they have to Look like everyone else.?  stay thin, keep up with the latest fashion, do what others do?

You end up with a plastic society.. based on Looks, and the whole Love yourself for Who YOU ARE?   well..Im far from perfect to look at.. but more than enough CHARACTER to stand out in a crowd of beautiful people.

I AM Who My CREATOR made me to be.. All My  faults along with all the beautiful things are what Makes me Who I am.

And Im thankful for being able to be who I am.

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3 Responses Aug 5, 2009

I agree wholeheartedly with your perspectives; I am also enlightened by your writings!

Thank you ..physical Wreck & Eugel01.. <br />
I truly feel for people, people focuse to much toward what the media wants you to look and act like, pushing Hollywood and all the falseness that comes with it..<br />
I feel mostly for the children.. they are living in a very material and false world..we can only show .. by deed and love and thought.. that being different and loving who you are.. out weighs all the super plastic people trying to be someone they dont even know. And that material things can sometimes bring more heartach than worth.

You go girl!