Almost Forgot What It Felt Like

The desire and the passion, lusting after someone that lusts after you at the same time.

Even though I am gone from her a lot cause of work or to see my kids, the want is even more so cause she is there and to be able to see her again, feel her against me and taste those beautiful lips again. My desires build everyday to be near her and have the want to see her again.

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3 Responses Jul 18, 2010

Not all the stories on EP are sad ones Rog... There are some that are very good...

Yes I am divorced and fairly recently too, but I already had begun talking to my new lover before the divorce had even started, didn't see my lover before it was finial but then after, it was great and magical... So happy and honored to have her in my life.....

This message gave me hope that I too may feel this again.<br />
Are you divorced & now found another love?