She Loves to Give Her Daddy Kisses...

OK, it looks like I'm the first one on here with a lovebird.  You can see my bird in the logo for this group.  I was hoping there would be more people on here that I can read stories or trade "parenting" advices and whatnot, but oh well...  Hopefully more bird lovers will join.  My lovebird is soo sweet.  She loves to give her daddy kisses.  She'll give me kisses too, but not as much as my husband.  We just got her last year.  She isn't even a year old yet. 

sydhw sydhw
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1 Response Feb 17, 2009

Her coloring is beautiful!<br />
What does her song sound like?

She will chirp, or make other funny sounds. When we play music, she will try to sing along by chirping along to the music.