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my partner was ripped away from me last Friday 6th of March. We were told by his solicitor that the case would be adjourned or at the worst a suspended sentence. But he got handcuffed in front of me and taken down to the cells. I never even got to say good bye. His charges where possession of a firearm which is a huge thing in Australia. He got 9 mths which means he doesn't get out til Christmas. I saw him yesterday which made me happy. but then when I left it broke my heart that I couldn't take him with me. I feel soo empty with out him, we are not only best friends but lovers. My friends God bless them have been very supportive. But sometimes I just lock myself away at home and don't answer the phone. Need help and advice 💗
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It is very hard. You shouldn't be tough on yourself. It's not fair. Keep yourself busy. Write to him a lot. Putting pen to paper helps. Trust me I've written more than a million pages in 13 years that I've been separated from mine. When your wound up and nothing makes sense putting it all on paper helps big time, tell him how you feel about him. Detail what you've done in the day etc... How he means so much to you. Send him money so he could call you twice a day. First thing in the morning and last thing at night. It will get better. This helps to test the bond between you and makes you realise what you mean to each other.

If you want to talk you can message mr

I meant you can Message me* typo error!

Thank you so much for all your kind words. Wow 13years is he/she out yet. Where about do you live