My Dads Wrongfully Sent to Prison

Just a month ago, my dad told me that he was going to prison.

He was accused of downloading child pronography, although they only found one picture, of a 5 year old girl, naked in a sexual pose, and it was on a computer that had been broken for 3 years.

He did not know this picture was even on his computer, and supposedly it was downloaded from Kazaa or Limewire, so most likely it piggybacked itself on some other file he had downloaded.

But that doesnt matter. They told him that he has to plead guilty/no-contest or they're going to accuse him of 'soliciting' the pron instead, because it was on a file sharing network.

The judge wants to give him 10 years in prison, and theres very little anyone can do about it.

Right now he's in jail waiting to find out which prison they're going to send him to.

We're almost happy in a way, because he has been battling alcoholism for a long time, and at least this way he has a good chance of kicking the addiction. Also he has to quit smoking, and he'll get counciling. But its still hard to know that he's there, and he cant leave at all. Right now, I can only see him for 45 min through a glass. I miss him a lot.

We're also going to appeal his case, so that at least he only has to serve a few years and not 10, but we're not sure what's going to happen.

(misspelled because for some reason legal terms are inappropriate in here)
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i know your pain...

The police know they have to make a very strong case for it to be able to make it to court. They will only charge him if they have sufficient evidence because taking him to court isnt cheap. If your dad is innocent, I still dont see why he should plead guilty when he is innocent. Even if the police is going to accuse him of soliciting, then why should he fear if the evidence is flimsy against him? Especially if the computer isnt working properly for three years as you say. Also, he could say that the downloaded picture was an accident, cause if you have a look at all his other pics, there was no other ones. I think you have a strong case for getting him out. Also, is there anyone else that uses his computer? If you could find out if anyone has access to his computer, then there could be grounds for reasonable doubt. The only thing I can see that may go against him is if police IT technicians find out what searches he made on his computer which would indicate his intentions. But if he wasnt searching for anything specific, then he has got a good case.

Smart way to get around the sillier aspects of the censorship, well done:)