Rip Grandma

My grandmother died of a rare marrow cancer in September 2009. I really miss her, but in a way, I'm glad she's gone. She was suffering so horribly. Towards the end, she hardly even knew who she was. She looked so frail.

I stayed at her house for about a week after she died, to comfort my grandfather. I remember finding a brush with all of her hair in it. I felt stupid for wanting to keep the brush.

Even harder than losing her was watching my grandfather and father suffer after she was gone. I'm a very empathetic person. Oftentimes, I find going through something easier than watching other people go through it. I devoted my energy to comforting them rather than mourning. I've been told I should've allowed myself more opportunity to mourn. I just felt guilty doing that when other people in my life were closer to her.

Anyway, I'll always love and remember her.
OfFansAndFlames OfFansAndFlames
Jan 19, 2012