To My Dear Aunt Laura

I wish I knew something was wrong... But i guess thats just life. This past Sunday (may 6th, 2012) I went to my aunt Laura's funeral. I miss her a lot already. I cried very bad at the funeral home... but not as bad at the funeral. My Aunt Laura was like a grandma to me. She was like a mother to my mom because my mom lost her mother years before i was born. Aunt Laura was always 'Nanny' to me. I loved her very deeply. I hated to see her go but I did not want her to suffer any longer. She was diagnosed with pancriatic cancer last year. She lived over 14 months, They gave her 3 months to live since she was diagnosed. It was a long and tough journey. There were times when we thought she would make it... then there were times we thought it was closer. The last few weeks were bad. She was on liquid morphine every few minutes. I hated that she had to go thru all of that, she was an amazing woman with a big heart. She loved to take care of kids, and every time i drive by her house i look at her swing and it feels like she should be sitting there waving to me as i go by.... now only the wind moves it.... i know shes in a much better place and that she missed her sisters and brothers and her mother very badly all these years... it was time for her to say see yall later to us and hello again to the loved ones. Its hard for me to know i'll never see her again. I still hear her voice clearly and her laugh,,,, like when we would go to friday night high school footbal games... mom and aunt laura would talk and laugh the whole time. I liked it like that =) but things change. Im glad i got to know her and i will cherish the memories in my heart until i see her again in heaven =) i love you aunt Laura my nanny =)
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I know what you're feeling I lost my grandmother to Leukemia and a horrendous stomach tumor, it hurt really badly to see her suffer but it was a relief to see her go too because she was no longer in pain and I would see her again when the time came. I know she'll be watching over me, loving me all the same as if she were with me. Your aunt will do the same for you, keep a chin up and keep smiling you two won't be separated so long as you keep your memories of her strong and your heart in the right place. :)

very sorry to hear that! i know what it is to lose someone who is so close..

may GOD give you strength to face the loss..

i am sorry for you're loss.<br />
i know what its like to lose a loved one to cancer.