My One And Only Father.

Me and my dad went through the roughest of times, but we still managed to say i love you in the end. We had the strongest bond that a father and son should have. I went to him for help when i needed it, and we helped each other, my mother divorced my father when i was 13, so i decided to move in with my father instead of my mom. I don't know why but I felt like I had to. Yeah it is a little strange me having the decision who to stay with, I forgot to mention I am an only child, and I lived with my Grandparents and Father. We went through so much during that phase... but we managed to get through everything, even his bitchy *** new girlfriends that just made things worse... but back to the story. When I reached 17 years old, the news came in, he had squamos cancer near his mouth area, near his chin, and jaw area. I don't know if he was hiding how bad the cancer was, but since he's passed away now, it was real bad. The cancer was already in something they called stage 4. I was doing real bad in school, REAL bad.. I ended up switching schools to a alternative highschool. Throughout my whole senior year before I turned 18, I saw my dad suffer, I saw him go through chemotherapy, radiation, and it got to the point, where he couldn't eat anymore because the cancer hurt so bad in his mouth. So they put a tube in his stomach, because if they didn't he would of died from starvation. My Dads voice started failing, it got to the point where he talked in a raspy whisper. So he had to write down everything he was here comes the worst part, He started getting really skinny, anorexic skinny. It's just a real bad image to even think about.. I couldn't even handle the idea, that my father was probably going to die, and I don't know when. I kept picturing my dad in a casket, the image just kept popping out in my head for no apparent reason.. I had to feed him through the tube everyday, every time he was hungry, and he couldn't even take care of his parents, my grandparents anymore since they are to old already. His only wish was for me to graduate high school... I tried my best, and I ended up succeeding, I graduated. So he was proud of me, we cherished that great accomplishment, I never seen him so happy after a long time... soon enough June 22nd a day before a turned 18.... The worst happen... I saw him very pale... I was knew something was wrong but i didn't say anything until, he started getting very sick, next thing you know we are at the hospital and he just fell asleep and his heart gave out... would never forget that day... I guess it was him saying it's time to become a man. I would never forget you. <3
zionixx zionixx
18-21, M
Sep 21, 2012