My Wife

We were married for 23 years when she found a lump on her breast 8mo later she was gone We did everything the Drs said to do removed not only the breast that had cancer but the other one as well did the Kemo and finished it her hair was starting to come back and she was in the beginning stages of reconstruction of her breasts when she developed a pain in her side we thought it was from the streaching for her reconstruction finnaly it got so bad we went to the hospital they admitted her and within 10 days she was gone the cancer was now in her liver That was 8mo ago and I am still learning to live with out her
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

So sorry for your loss

I'm so sorry for your loss! She now has eternal peace, with no pain or suffering..My prayers go out to you today my friend; that you may have a lightening of the heavy load of sadness that burdens your heart! ?