My Sister Is Hooked On Meth

My whole family has been turned upside down by my sister's meth problem. I'm pretty sure she's involved in manufacturing. I'm getting sick of cleaning up her life for her, and my mom is too. Stealing, lying, being gone from home for days on end... it's getting old. We're still not sure what to do about it. And she's 25! She should be a lot more responsible than this.
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4 Responses Oct 13, 2006

If you allow your sisters meth problem to affect your life and your mom's life and the lives of anyone else in the family - then shame on you. This is a personal choice you've made, your mom has made, etc. You all need to be smarter and make the choice to not let her have that kind of power over you all. She's destroying your lives because you're allowing her to.<br />
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She should not be in your home. She needs to accept responsibiloity for her actions and if she wants to get help and get clean then home may be an option, but she needs to understand that as long as she chooses to do drugs home will not be an option, she needs to find accomodations elsewhere.<br />
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You are condoning her behaviour by allowing her to stay in the home like this. You are not helping her, and you're certainly not doing anything to help yourselves.<br />
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Maybe your weakness and inability to set strict boundaries is one of the reasons she's gotten into this lifestyle in the first place. If you truly love her, force her hand, make treatment her only option in life.

Where are you located? If you are in northern CA .. I know of a great treatment program. <br />
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Good ideas there Lost...! Although our treatment centers have lots of flaws, and most addicts find MORE drugs in these places. But I can relate to this story. My brother has been in and out of PRISON since 17 for this stuff!! And it was the cause of divorce in my first marriage. Did ya'll know Hitler used this stuff on his soldiers? This stuff has been around in forms for decades, but it is becoming an increasing danger to self, family, community, and society!

Im a recovering addict I have almost 4 1/2 years clean. Set boundarys for her. I myself dont allow myself to be around people who are using. I would remove myself from the situation however hard it may be. And tell her you will only help her if she is ready to go into treatment. Not until then. And if she says yes you will help as long as she is doing what she needs to to get into treatment and stay clean.