Three Years And Counting...

Three years ago today, the lover and I first had sex. I remember it with much fondness and excitement. Today we were able to share time together and enjoy each other. We shared a lunch prepared by him in a park. It was a little chilly, a great autumn day. After which we started making out a bit, touching and caressing. We decided to move somewhere more private. It felt great to have his hands all over me, his mouth knowing all the right spots up and down my neck and on my chest. He leaned over and gently kissed the tops of my thighs and worked his way inward. Soon enough he had my shorts and panties off and his tongue was working. It felt fantastic! Thanks to his patience and persistance, I was able to ****** and it felt like my **** exploded. He tried to lick a little again, but my hips bucked involuntarily from the sensation. I was certainly wet enough that he immediately penetrated me with no resistance. He moved so a short pattern, then a long pattern. Then pushing my legs up over my head so he could penetrate me deeper. He got into this crouched position and really went at it. He moved back a bit as I moved my hips up and down against him. That movement was the trick for him today. He orgasmed and it was strong. I felt many little muscle spasms afterwards, which is a good sign. We sat back and enjoyed listening to a few sentimental tunes together. Talked about things we normally talk about and went our ways. It was sweet. It was exciting!
UtesFan UtesFan
36-40, F
Sep 11, 2012