Close To "perfect"

My husband and I know each other for about six years now, we got to know each other and became very good friends, shared each other's secrects, help each other when needed and was there when ever the other needed.

We came so close and with that friendship we fell inlove although we were inlove before even mentioning it, we felt we were just to good of friends to be together in an intimate way. But it got to the point where we couldn't hold back and it just happened, we married for two years now and have a beautiful baby girl. We still best of friends, we have that companionship, and have the most wonderful open relationship. We can talk about anything, we just so good together.

Love is strange and everyone loves differently. And what we have is perfect for me and him. And it can be different for someone else.

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

I hope to reach that level as sweet as yours ...

Stories like this are what keep my hope alive for my future and why I never give up on love! <br />
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Thank you for sharring!