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I am 43 and have been separated for 3 years recently filing my divorce.  I have three young children.  Who I love and take great pride in.  I have just recently gotten to the point where I  have time for my self and friends.  I met a man in December 06 who I am very attracted to.  I feel we are both assets to each other.  I would like more but he is currently in a relationship (not married) that I just can't figure out.  This best way I know to describe how I feel -> "I only know how he makes me feel when I am with him."  He was very honest about his relationship when I met him.  So I have no reason to feel lied to.  I respect him and his choices.  But I have never been in a trifold relationship and I know its not right but we seem to give each other something that we need.  We do care about each other and the third person is much respected.

If there is anyone else out there that has experienced a story like this.  I would love to hear your story, suggestions, repsonse.  Please know that I do love and respect this man but at the same time he needs his space and I need my space and this allows for a comfortable situation.

What can we do to broaden this kind of relationship?



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First time commentor, but I could give you some insight from the other side as I am usually there. I have been long term for 6 years now and the last year or two I have taken different lovers at different times. Its something that happen sometime and other lovers for longer duracions. <br />
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I love my husband. He is a great guy, brings home the bacon, can fix anything, is affectionate. What more could I want, right?? Because I do love my husband I would never hurt him entensionally so the lovers I have never get more than I can give, thats just facts. Not to say they are not the highlight of my day and thinking about them most days, but I have my priorities. You give him something no one else does or can. It has to have that anxiety of separation that drives you guys together in heat. This anticipation before you meet would never happen if you do broadened the relationship. <br />
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Taking a lover is a very special balance, you want more but you can't. Maybe thats whats so hot. I can only say I definately apreciate every second I have with my lover.<br />
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