My Life With Low Pain Threshold

My pain experience goes back to my childhood. My parents were very stoic about pain and they had their share. Armed with these coping skills  I have managed fine until latley. I have a lot of back issues amnongst others. The pain at one point was so bad I contemplated suicide. I could see no other way out As fate would have it my pain became less. This was a blessing until I  realized that although it is lessened it  has a huge impact. As of late I seem to be less and less tolerant It has totally taken over my life.  I try within my capablity to enjoy life. Being unable to leave the house due to pain is wearing me down  i  have had to deal with this level for about 10 yrs Being a social person it has really been  even more  negative experience with this added to the mix of issues.

I generally try and remain upbeat and have a lot of wonderful frends on line. My husband trys to be understanding but has developed issues of his own. I am looking for coping skills and ways to enhance my life . I should hire a helper but I have some well founded reservations about doing this.  Laughter is great and I try and indulge in it as often as I can.

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May 11, 2010