My Boyfriend Has A Low Sex Drive...

my boyfriend and i have been together for about two years now, and we have been dating for even longer. the past few months or so his sex drive has decreased drastically. weve talked about it and he says its because hes stressed out and because he works so much, and i know that this is true, but i get so upset. i love him so much and i just want to make him happy. its frustrating to have this problem in our relationship and its causing so many problems. he jokes around and says things like im the guy in the relationship because im the one who wants to have sex and he doesnt. i know he loves me too, but this is so hard. i want to know that there are other people who are going through/have gone through the same thing. is there light at the end of the tunnel? what can we do to work on this issue together?

wishuponastar89 wishuponastar89
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 21, 2010

People in general have different levels of sex drive... sounds like tis is an area that you are not a match with him. Can you live with this?