Spoiled Selfish People Suck

I just choose to spend my time with people opposite of that.

I am a very generous and kind person, I don't enjoy the company of selfish people very much!
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2 Responses Feb 12, 2011

Chron, you're just one of those folks who inspire others to really stop and think and then care....That is so rare and so valuable today....You always touch my heart with your words...It's a wonderful thing.<br />
Thanks for being so sweet and filled with depth yourself!

Selfish people miss out on all the rest of the world that isn't about them and that's always MOST of it. When the world revolves around one person, it's a tiny orbit indeed. I like BIG orbits, that take in as much as my eye's, ears, and mind can hold on any day! :) Reading you, makes my orbit a lot bigger Chron!