1st 360 Degree 100% Lucid Dream!

Ok, this letter will have many typos, because I'm typing without revisions quickly. The 1st time I ever had a lucid dream was in 1999. It was something I never experienced or even knew was humanly possible to dream and be conscious! After that periodically I would have lucid dreams a few times a year, I used to be aheavy marijuana smoker, attempting to quit for a decade, never successfully remaining free for longer than a few months, but I begin to notice a strange pattern...The longer I would not get high, the more vivid and easier it became for me to recall my dreams. It became so formatted that 1 week of not smoking, I would recall a dream, a few weeks, I would be recalling them every night, after about a month the lucid dreams would began. EVERYTIME i stopped and restarted the same pattern formed, until eventually my dream life became so exciting that it became a huge incentive to trust God and totally stop smoking weed. so my lucid experience began.

 Then a week before my 30th birthday I began lucid dreaming very frequently even weekly, the new development/pattern was amazing, but I always noticed that in lucid state I was unable to move around physically freely without waking up or fading the dream so I normally would just stand still and enjoy the heighten pyschological experience, until a week before my 30th birthday. I had a lucid dream that BLEW AWAY my understanding of the human mind, spirit and eternal existence...


If you would like to hear/read more about this 1st life changing lucid dream, I had? than please respond to let meknow someone is out there reading/ even caring and I would be excited to share it with you. and possibly even network about lucid dreaming


good night!

saintCortez saintCortez
31-35, M
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I want I want I want to hear more!!! Oh please, do share the rest! **sobs** :'(.

It's been a while since you posted this... nearly a year, so if you do get back to this please respond. I've been increasingly having lucid dreams more frequently over the past 2 years, but within the last 3 months or so, I've had lucid dreams nearly every night. It's causing major problems with my sleeping patters, because as you said, as soon as you explore the dream to far in a "conscious state" the dream fades and you wake up. I've had a variety of experiences- but I should probably start by saying this.... anytime I question weather or not the reality I am experiencing is truly a reality, I assume it's a dream. That's the moment that the lucid dream begins. Sometimes it starts with me fading to sleep wanting to dream about something specifically and then it happens, but 90 percent of the time it is the latter. I've explored my environments in EXTREME detail and even picked up ob<x>jects and felt their weight and texture in my hands... I've explored my parents old kitchen with remarkable detail and gotten very close to ob<x>jects to see how focused they would be when I approach them. It's unbelievable the amount of detail the brain creates in a dream, and I've been fortunate enough to be able to confront this detail at every angle. Even sex in a lucid dream seems real... though those are the one's the usually wake me up the quickest (to be totally honest).... I think you become to personally aware of yourself in those dreams. Regardless, it's been a.... well.... honestly, distracting experience. Nearly every dream for me these days is lucid and it nearly ALWAYS wakes me up when anything meaningful gets good or any chance to explore gets deep. My sleeping patters have been compromised a great deal and I find myself not wanting to go to sleep. Insomnia has been the result. Anyone with a shared experience would be amazing to chat with.