A Wild And Insatiable Navel Fetish

I've had a navel fetish since I was a child. I was always embarrassed about it and thought I was the only one with it... Until I answered an ad about 15 years ago from a guy who was looking for guys with a navel fetish.

So, we got together one night and it turned out that he had a smooth, deep, round innie (which is my favorite kind) and he loved getting his navel fingered deep and hard and having my tongue in it... which totally turned me on.
But aside of it being such an awesome sexual experience... I felt like I finally met someone who was like me and that I wasn't alone.

Well, we ended up getting together a few times, I moved away and we lost contact for many years... Now, we're back to being navel buddies and recently set up a channel on YouTube called "BellyHoleDudes"... Come check us out!

There are also other male navel fetish channels there... in case you didn't know.

navelmaster navelmaster
46-50, M
1 Response Sep 16, 2012

I wish you guys would do tickle vids haha. I love the navels but tickling is a great way to torture them. Electric toothbrushes, Q-tips, whatever! I'd definitely subscribe if you guys posted some of that!