Total Surprise!!!!!!

I have been married to my husband since July 2008. While we do not have any children together I have 1 daughter in college and he has 1 daughter in high school. In June 2012 he was arrested an charged with a crime and remains in the county jail due to high bond. As a result he has been suspended from his job without pay. Managing a household on 1 income is very challenging and there are time when I don't know how I am going to make it week to week. This process has been very stressful to say the least. I hired him an attorney and all court dates have resulted in discovery......... However during this process I have discovered that my husband wasn't truthful regarding some of his finances and as a result I have had to clean up his mess!!!!!! I absolutely hate the visiting process in the county jail!!!!!!! I really want all of this to end soon regardless of the result....... I have spent the majority of my dating life avoiding men who have a history of engaging in criminal behaviors or being incarcerated. I am really struggling with remaining married to him at this point....... My family is understanding and just wants the best for me but no one really knows what I am feeling or dealing with on a daily basis. His family call from time to time to offer moral support but that is it!!!!!!! I am so conflicted at this point!!!!!
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Hmmm... Seems like we are rocking the same boat... I totally understand, believe me I do.. at this time, I know in my heart that I want a divorce, but then I ask myself how can I do this to him at a time like this.. talk about conflicted...I know that feeling very well.. and the anxiety that comes with it... I truly do, and wish you the best in every decision you have to make regarding this issue... I just want to be happy and free.. and I hope you get there to..