I have been married to my high school sweetheart since 1996.. The beginning was beautiful until I learned of his true lifestyle, Drugs, Using Drugs and his adulterous ways.. I recently found out that he had been in a relationship with a younger woman for the past 10 years... I have been through so much with my husband, abuse, mood swings, cheating, drugs and prison... Which he is now incarcerated and has been so for the past 7 years.. I can't go back to the controlling ways and I believe it is much safer for me to end the relationship/marriage NOW... I feel guilty for some reason.. Why? I don't know but the trust is gone and the love is gone... I can't accept someone back into my life that did me so wrong when I gave them no reason too.. I am a changed woman. no more control, no more walking on egg shells, I have to learn to keep on living in the freedom that I have now..
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Jan 21, 2013