I love nasty, not at all ashamed

During my high-school days I was force to do x-country though it wasn't my favourite sport; still I looked forward to it. The thought of coming first or last didn't bother me... the thing was, I had this desire to get messy, really messy and didn't care what so long as I'm covered with ****. I'd just loved being in contact with the earth, that's all i wanted... Then oneday I discovered I had a manure fetish.

Now my school is located in the middle of nowhere, nothing surrounds it except farmland with cattle grazing, usually cows, pigs and maybe a few horses. Our x-country route takes us around the outskirts of the school grounds past several farms, usually it'll be the last activity of the day and once we cross the finish line we're free to go straight home. On the days we'd go running I'd wear a one-piece lycra spandex swimsuit under my training pants and a sleeveless shirt.. with some comfy clean socks and the same pair of rancid sneakers i used the week before.. they're filthy, no, i mean they're completely caked in mud, manure, urine and smelt of dampness but they're really comfy, that's all I cared about.

When the race starts, I ran with all the other kids till I hit the farms, then I'll start lagging behind, until eventually all the other kids are gone. Then I'll wonder around the fields looking for a damp muddy sections, sometimes there are non.. so I have to substitute the mud for something else.. However, the previous night there was a thunder storm, the heavens opened and it poured it down, everywhere was water logged, muddy and puddles everywhere! The mud in the fields was already soft but wasn't at the right constancy. However, that didn't stop me.

Right I thought, lets have some fun!! So I looked around for a few freshly laid cow-pats! Normally you can tell which are fresh, they're not dry but soft with a glimmer of oil on top with the occasional lingering fly. From there onwards I'd *****, removing my top, tracksuit bottoms, kicking off my sneakers and squish around the mud in my once whity socks. Standing in the field wearing only a swimsuit, I'd crouch down onto my knees, dig my hands into the manure, scooping it up from the base, break it into two being careful not to spill the oils, slap the other half on top, then with one hand I'll pull away at the seams of my swimsuit and start smearing the cold sticky stuff all over myself; working it into my crotch, stuffing in more manure for good measure, proceeded to massaging it all in, creating a salad like no other, pulling back the skin, stuffing chunks in.. making sure my box is completely covered - OMG, it feels so damn sensual - once i'm happy, i'll release the swimsuit, putting it back, making sure everything stays inside. Next I'll hobble over to the next pile, scoop up more manure and start pushing it into the rear till there's a massive bulge, spreading my cheeks in the process, push it into the nooks and crannies - Awww, feels like lubricant!! After, it's the turn of my aching body with yet another pile of turd, rubbing it into my chest, cleavage, belly button; patting it into my underarms and keep do it all over again till non of the swimsuit is visible. On this occasion I went a little further, continued to give myself a manure shampoo as if it's a beauty treatment with handfuls and handfuls of the slop, working it through my hair till every strand is smothered. Once I'm happy, I look around for my cloths and make a mental note.

After, I'll search for a place to lie down choosing the filthiest, dirtiest, dampest spots with loads more manure piles within arms reach; this time right next to the trough (knowing they're gentle creatures I just continued with my intentions, leaving them to theirs.) I'd slowly lay down in the cold mud repositioning myself so my backs to the ground. I'd then close my eye, relax and start to dream a little while I start to ********** and play, rub my thing through the swimsuit, gently and gracefully, massaging in all the gunge, occasionally fingering myself with all the goodness of nature. Mmmm, damn that feels soo smooth!! I feel complete aroused, temperatures flaring!! Minutes on I feel something warm coming into contact with my face, followed by something wet. I open my eyes to see, immediately I close them again! Out of curiosity, I stop. Move my grubby hands slowly to my eyes and attempt to clear an eye, on peeking I see the back-end of a cow over me, as I turn my head gently, rubbing my hair more into the mud, I see him drinking... whilst it's peeing and doing it's business right on me, this is felt hella lucky!! I didn't mind, I just laid there, staying calm allowing the cow continue, let it soak my hair, wash my face with it's stinky urine and cover my pretty face and ears with aromatic excrement; massaging it all in, after all I'm readily covered, inhaling the aroma was comparable to taking drugs, what more could I ask for? This was just heaven!! Besides I was horny as hell!! Soon regained my original position and continued to **********, frigging myself soo damn hard I could of made fire!! By now my box was throbbing, unfortunately I felt asif I wasn't dirty enough. Parting my ***** with one hand, I reached for more droppings with the other, in an attempt to fill my pounding love box with more substance. I continued to ********** with as many fingers as possible...  Soon after I start sweating, shaking, twitching, grunting.. eventually I'd climax, wither in the all the muck but I wasn't content, I wanted more!! ...eventually I came again filling my suit with pleasure! I'd spit out the **** from my lips and gasp for air while continuing to genitally play for a moment while i think of an excuse to explain why I'm late...

Once done, I emerged slowly wiping some of the crap from my face, shovelling it down my legs, whilst leaving the other mess inside. I'd wonder off to find my clothes. Grab my slacks and gently pull them on, rubbing all the muck inside making the material stick to me, take my top, attempt to put it back on, hopefully keeping the back free of hand prints didn't take long for the stained brown wetness to soak right through!! Find my sneakers, slowly glide my feet back into them, if at first i can't, I'll shove some dung inside and try again. Like i said before, it's like lubricant. To make my excuse feasible I'll dive into the mud a few times, elbow my way in and start heading back, running at this stage wasn't an option, since my clothes were heavily saturated and I was shattered and breathless... All the time I'm thinking WOW!! That was great, wished to stay the night! Yeah, it has a odd aroma but it's the smell that i liked, besides it's like being with nature!!

After walking some twenty minutes I arrive back into school grounds and my teacher is waiting there... apparently there's two kids missing.. and I was one of them. He gave me a right ole dirty look and enquired "why you soo late?" to which I said 'I fell 'n' slid down the hill', then he asked "are you ok?" I give him a mucky smile said exhaled 'yeah... it was fun!!'. Instead of showering, I grabbed my uniform, bag and slowly walked of home peeing myself whilst still caked in crap! Mother didn't really say anything when I arrived, she knew I'm a messy cow and she tends to make me wash my sports kit.. Just as well really... Usually I don't, just leave everything soiled, allowing it to dry wearing on those days i need a little excitement.

Next day was another school day, back in uniform with yet another swimsuit (I've many..) On arrival some of the kids gave me a right dirty look, whispered between them and I thought nowt about it, just assumed they wondered where I got to? First few classes went as normal, dull as ever!!! I spent most of the morning day dreaming a of yesterday. After lunch was my English class with one of the coolest teacher there. On entering the class, the other kids made odd gestures and gave yet more funny looks... I ignored them, took my seat but no sooner did I sit down Mr. Deniels mutter a few words, said "there's an odd aroma here", then the other kids asked few questions "did you have fun?", "how's daisy?" while others made fun!! ....to which I said nowt. Wasn't long before Mr. Deniels started to explain what he saw with his binocular one late evening.. "Yesterday after lunch i heard voices and a spawn of student running, jogging and someone walking..." immediately I felt completely embarrassed looked down to the desk in shocked that someone was watching me. Then he says "....starts to *****, ponder about in what looks like a girls swimsuit, bright blue!!" I felt everyone focusing on my, hairs on my neck stood on end, he continues "After, he go about entertaining himself.." I start to blush, started to get hot, sweaty and somewhat horny. Mr. Deniels continued to describe his visual experience with so much detail everyone else in the class started to laugh, some throw paper and others throw light profanity and then there was the mooing sounds... eventually Mr. Deniels stopped, gave me the dirtiest look ever!! We made eye contact, there was complete silence in the class. And I... I kinda peeed my pants, right there, right in the middle of class, leaving puddles of pee beneath my desk and around my seat. I stood up allowing everything to dribble down my legs and asked 'Please excuse me, I need the toilet sir.' Mr. Deniels replied "Why stop? You've already started!" ..i shiver and hastily replied '..but i really needed to go..' I wasn't allowed to leave. In an instant I past wind several times, filled my suit by passing long wet farts... I felt the stuff dribbled down. I sat down in shock, squashing all the crap into my pants and suit, then I think Mr. Deniels had a quick change of heart and muttered "you should go clean up!" everyone else was still in hysterics, pointing and throwing more paper!! For the remainder of the day I didn't clean up, I just remained in my soiled clothes allowing it all to

In that one session I lost all credit with the other kids. From that day onwards school wasn't ever the same... but that was OK.. I still made the most out of it. Some kids took the opportunity to tell me their oddities and I, I never really stopped playing in manure, I even spent a few session bathing in the pig pens still, it's not as fun as cow manure - even today I still do it!! Only now i'm quite happy to wear manure encrusted swimsuits for the entire day, allowing dried manure raisins to rub against my rump..

Still. No one forgot. For my birthday, I had my head shoved in the used toilets then flushed, accessoried with occasional turd matted into my hair. I walked around all day in soiled dampness, before becoming dry, I'll get egged - kinda happened continuously throughout the day, I don't bother cleaning up, just allowed it to sit in my hair, on my uniform. Towards the end of the day I was egged again, smeared with rancid grease, fat, oil, dirt, floured and whatever else kids found to hand.. Just outside the school gates some of the Prefects grabbed me by my arms and legs, carted me a few blocks and throw me into the muddiest field ever!! Oh.. and I loved it!! I stayed put, played, ********** while other watched in disbelief, the crowd was soo big, it could of easily half the school. Like i said, school wasn't to be the same and I had nowt to lose.

Looking back, it's just one of those things i guess. In case your wondering, this is in Prep-school, they have their own rules.
 Though, if i had the opportunity.. I'll do it all over again and them some!!
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I wish I could do that you are so lucky.

Wow I would love to have joined you...sounds like proper dirty fun.

As a big lycra fan,i was glued to reading the whole story,and i would have done to same while in my Trunks/Speedos. How great that would be to get a load of Cow Manure inside them,and feel myself getting so horny and hard.. Maybe both rubbing it in together, both in our lycra suits.

This is odd and somewhat improbable, and it seems more like a straight man's weird fantasy than tales of a young Englishwoman's schoolgirl days. If a third or more of it's true, I sorely wish you lived near me. Now, I don't mean to imply your tale's impossible, but it just seems so thoroughly unlikely in that it aligns quite well with all my best fantasies, and that makes me a tiny bit suspicious.

I got chills reading your story

If I were you dude,get your thrills after school,not during.when doing it after school,wait until their is no one around and do the following.1.use freshly dropped poop,this means waiting in the bushes nearby,so no one can see you.2.if you move quick,and you see the animal starting to ****,do the following.stick your face in its anal area,as it poops and it will ooze across your face,lay down behind its rear legs and let it fall on your tummy,or even stand behind it and let the poop fall in your underwear,that in itself will make your **** hard and get you aroused.with warm poop in your underwear,find a rock or ?,and sit on it and move your but back and forth feeling the warmth and squishiness,while jacking off,you will ******.Use horse manure,more will come out and will weigh down,your undies.try human fecal matter,if you can get it.I've tried horse manure whe warm and fresh,it will provide and out of this world ******,the same with human feces,girls and young children are better.I know.ever get off on a pooped in diaper,or pissed in one.

Thank you for your suggestion, if only I were male.. However do I adore being forcefully disgraced and humiliated in public, showered then stuffed with human or animal feces whilst being bounded against my will and tearfully fisted by my mistress.

That sounds fun :).

i LOVE it :)

******* fantastic. I always say the key to fetish fun is courage. And you've got it, hon. Love it.

Thank you. I dunno where I get it from, but hell I'm glad cause it's sooo fun!

Wow...just wow, I wish I had your confidence.