Hiya all,

Today I had a lovely time playing in a cow field that was full of cow poop hehe totally trashed my outfit felt and smelt soo good though :D x
emmajones1982 emmajones1982
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lets play and enjoy

still have yet to just wallow around and cover every square inch of my body in the beautiful waste

you one naughty bad girl. who are you?

Hi, That sounds really good. I was wondering what your outfit consisted of?

It was a red silk cocktail dress

Oh Emma, that sound fantastic. It must have been really great trashing that!x

oh i loved it :) xx

I love it,i used to live by a horse farm and take walks through their field,i would find fresh dumps and lay down and put my head and face in it,i found where the farmer piled it up behing the barn so tunneled my way in and buried myself in it

Naughty girl hehe

Thanks :)

Should go on yahoo

I would have loved to have been there messing myself up with u as well

I wish I could do that too. The feeling of warm cow poop is just wonderful. And the smell too...

Hi Emma, it sounds awesome! But don't people see you playing around over there?? How did you deal with that?

So hot

Sounds great! I would love to do that, all hot and fresh!

Sounds erotic, especially when it's still warm. As a kid, I loved to run through cow patches and stomp on the "cow pies" it could really trash a pair of white 4-H pants

Oooh hot!