hey guys! its been awhile since i've read everyones original stories so i'm forgetting...but did anyone say they actually lived in/near 29 palms? i might be heading out there in mid-late Feb. so thought if one of you guys was out there it would be fun to meet up or at least learn more about the area lol. i know theres not THAT much to do lol but hey we're good at finding things lol. let me know! thanks! 

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hey i'm really new to the site but i moved to twentynine palms 5 months ago! there really isnt anything to do here.. yucca valley is where everything happens and its like 25 minutes away. 15 if you dont drive the speed limmit ;)

ya hun i messaged it on the other one...but yup yup yup im really close to 29 and ill be there on presidents weekend!