Thanks So Much Ladies! (:

I love having all of you to talk to!

No one else ever understands what i mean or how i feel!

Were supposed to be getting married this year, but i dont know if i should put it on hold or just keep planning.. ?

& i need a vacation!! are we all going? or what?! lol :)

erinmarie erinmarie
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

i can just go off by when you want to go or think would be a good date. i do like that weekend thing. cus i have school. but im sure i can squeeze it in somehow.

awww hun yea mine said the same thing of extension and i was like all butthurt and scared...but then i came on here and thse ladies helped me are my second family;-)<br />
<br />
yea **** where is our vaca planned for?!