All the Way Across Country!

hey im maryssa =) im new to this group actually im realllllllllly glad i found it. my boyfriends at 29 palms, he hasnt been there even a week yet, im stuck here in newyork. it really sucks. the three hour time difference does get a LITTTTLE complicated, but were working through it, im a younginnnn, sixteen actually, my boyfriend is going to be 19 soon, hes a pfc soon to be lancecorpal. im so proud of him. it sucks that hes all the way in cali, he likes it there though and he loves his job and if it was up to me i would move there with him in a heart beat but at the moment thats impossible. =( hes comming home in may! thank god. and then probably in august being that hes going to afgan in september .. i just want to talk to other girls in my situation because ive only been on EP a couple days but ive gotten the best advice about this that ive ever gotten in my life, i hope to talk to some of you- im always willing to talk =)



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1 Response Mar 28, 2009

Being a marine's girl is comparable to a job lol mine married me after I stuck with him through his first deployment not only bc we love each other so much, but bc he said any girl that goes through this successfully and faithfully should get paid for it haha<br />
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Just remember that even though you miss him like crazy, you will be the one thing that keeps him going when he feels like he can't anymore. Being deployed is just as tough on them.<br />
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I'm here if you ever need to talk!