Hate Missin Him,love Having Him To Miss.

It was about 5 months ago my daughters and i had to seperate from the most amazing man in the world to MCRD in california. It was about 2 months ago that amazing man turned into an United States Marine! We could never be more proud, and at the same time we could never hurt more. His leave to home could never been better, we celebrated and honored our new family marine. Now he is in 29 palms going to school to be a radio operator, and and he is loving every min but who wouldnt when you make squad leader 3 times in not even two months. He loves the feeling he gets when he know what he is doing is not only for his family but for many more! He has made so many awsome true friends that help him thruogh as well as him helping them through. Ive never done anything harder then raising 2 young girls on my own while daddy is away making our lives so much more and im sure i'll never go through anything harder. As for now all us woman need to stick together and think of our men, pray for our men , and thank our men. It wont be to long before were all together again making our family's complete, but until then stick by your mans side and make sure they now you love them and you are right there making that left step while their making that right.  V.P.G of a marine in 29 palms

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Oct 7, 2009