Marine Corps Ball!!!!!!!!!

you guyssssssssssssss!
I'm attending the ball with Jason on the 29th and I think it would be wonderful to see some of you guys there!:)
anyone going too?
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hey ladies im a little confused.. my Marine is at camp pendelton finishing up his MCT (he graduates next week.) then he is going to 29 palms for his MOS.. he said he wants me to fly out for the ball, but he said he wont know any info about it until hes at his MOS. How will he know when and where the balls at?? is each platoon assingend to their own ball?<br />
--sorry im new to all this he just graduated boot camp less than a month ago..

You need to find out! maybe they do go to the same ball?! Last year it was at the Pala Resort and Casino on the Indian Reservation...maybe its there again? didnt know you could gamble in Sandiego...then again there is a casino right by my house lol....if only i were 21! lol =]

Ours is in San Diego as well!<br />
I know it's in a hotel but I can't remember if it's at the Hilton..I just remember that jason said there is gambling there if I wanted to do that afterwards, which i don't thanks. hahaha:)<br />
Yes this is my first ball, I'm excited but it's hard to focus on the excitment when I have so much stuff to do with the move before then!

ahh wow i wish it was at disney land! lol. ours is in Sandiego at the Hilton or something i think! lol. i live right out the front gate in oceanside =]

is this your first ball? its my first, im pretty excited and nervous. i think this years is in disneyland? that's the rumor going around lol. i live in camp pendlton in sera mesa just in case your in the neighborhood.

Ahh well My Marine is in Supply battalion =] so not the same ball! lol. i bet yours is infantry of some sorts. =]

ohh youew right! He's in the sniper platoon, i cant remember the exact unit

Im going with my hubby!! =]<br />
but it depends...which unit's ball are yall going to??? lol.

yes baby girl!<br />
San Diego/Oceanside is where Camp Pendleton is!

I'm going!!!!! My marine is stationed in SD it the same place? I'm in Cali too.