Camp P

My Marine has been stationed here for awhile but he is currently in Iraq. I started this experience in hopes that I would find some other wives or girl friends who are tired of being alone at home.

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Yeah I would love to meet up. Lulu6214 and I have had dinner to. She is a cool girl too if you wanna make some more friends in the area.

my husband and i are stationed on camp pendleton as well. we live in oceanside though. he got back from iraq in september and now is leaving, on our 2 year wedding anniversary to afghanistan for around 9 months they say. and i totally hate being alone!!!! write me back on this if you would like to get together. my love leaves april 6 :( and im sure going to need all the company and support i can get

It was great having dinner with you on base that day I really had fun. ;)

I know how you feel! I'm sorry you have to be away from him even though he isn't deployed. I know that it isn't any easier than him being deployed. But just be strong and you will be ok.

I agree, I dont live alone but no one that surrounds me pays much attention to me so it is as if I lived alone, and I am tired of being alone!! Im glad there are women who also have their marines away and that can understand (he is not deployed though)

I am neither a wife or a girl friend. I am a veteran.<br />
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God bless the people who wait for us to come home.

My BF is stationed Camp Pendleton....he is nondeployable but it be nice to talk to other women who understand military relationship.