Pendelton Wife

i would really like to find wives in the pendelton area that have husbands away and want to keep busy with positive things. Im in school and have no children but love them :) i kist have had a really hard time meeting wifes around my age, im 20, and in my same situation. i hope this helps, im new to this whole thing

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4 Responses Mar 19, 2009

I am 18 and will be moving to FallBrooke, which is a few minutes from Pendleton. Bryant (soon-to-be-husband) will be getting deployed in October. I am moving to Cali at the end of August! I am also looking for friends!!!! Save me! lol

yeah you sure are lucky! i dont know a thing and ive lived here for about two years on and off. and now that im choosing to stay here while he deploys again, i really want to branch out and keep busy

I'm not married to my marine but I sure do love him! I am 21 so almost the same age as you. There are some fun places to hang out down here! I am lucky, I grew up here, so I know the hidden beaches, some cool coffee shops and the places to stay away from lol!

My Marine is there, but I'm still in our home town on the east coast....for now. <br />