My Marine Is Leaving For Japan W/o Me

Hey girls i have been reading all your stories about the men you love in japan and i will soon be joining your group. My fiance just got orders to japan in may for 2 years. We live together and when he leaves ill be on my own, physically and financially. Even tho he was a cpl his bah was approved threw his unit. But once he leaves so will his bah. The house that we live in i cant afford without him. And i have no where else to go. I have been calling everyone i know to see if i can move in or if they will move in here to help me out but no luck yet. Any ideas ladies?

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3 Responses Feb 11, 2010

My boyfriend is in Japan for 2 years. He has been there for six months already and has mentioned nothing about his orders changing

I saw the orders for myself and it said 12-24 months. Yes there is a chance that is could be a year but then there is a chance it could be two as well.

I was a Marine and no Marine gets orders to Japan for 2 years. It is always a one year tour unless you are married and then tours might be extended. He does not have a 2 year tour. If you don’t believe me ask for his orders and see for yourself.