Update On The Relationship

Eddie and i decided that it was best if we broke up. That 2 years was too long to wait and that if we didnt break up now that we would end up breaking up later over the phone or email and we didnt want that. So i got up this moring and packed as much as i could into my car and i left. Idk where this leaves us i know that if it were not for japan that things would be fine. I moved back home with my parents and im starting all over. He told me it was over yet when i emailed him tonight he told me he loved me and that if i had not left that we could have worked it out but once i put the car in drive and left that whatever we had was over. I am completely lost i thought he was the one and now idk what to think.

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Helloo! <br />
2 years is a long time to wait for someone, I myself will have to wait 18 months for my bf while he is in Japan,..but if you want to make it work, then it will definitely work!! There are plenty of more girls out there who have gone or are going through this and things are going perfectly fine with them and their Marines. Yes Japan is accross seas and theres a huge time difference, but when its meant to be, then its meant to be. You wont question each other about Oh are you going to cheat? Am i going to cheat? Nothing...But yaa I hope things get better for you and him!

honey... i told you in the msg i sent you... i went through something like this with roman a few years ago... on christmas... and its really hard to get back on your feet... but keep your head up... your goin to be fine... you are a strong girl... and if he was/is the one for you everything will fall into place just as it should... Roman and I broke up for 6 months... we didnt talk at all.. and then i was in an accident and he showed up at my house to check on me that night.. and we realized we were meant to be... like i said keep your head up... things will work out the way they should... it might not seem like it now... but you will see... just text me k.