My Rules

I have actually only been a slave/sub for a short time and have two Master's right now. One is my ex, Michael who lives very close to me and the other is my newest Master, Sir, who lives in Kentucky while I'm in California. While I'm here, I'm aloud to play with Michael but there are rules for each and certain things they like/dislike.

*I am to address him as Daddy in the bedroom but Sir in public.
*I am purely a sex slave to him.
*I am Michael's other women. He has a girlfriend who doesn't know about me.
*Michael loves to hear about all the dirty, nasty things I've done with other men in my past.
*No one knows about me at all in his life. I'm a total secret.

*I am to only address him as Sir in and out of the bedroom.
*Sir owns me body, mind, soul, and sexually.
*I am dating Sir's other girl in his life. She's my sister sub and we have a Poly family.
*Sir LOVES pigtails. He loves them so much that he can't even look at me because he says I
look so cute he has a hard time saying "no" to me lol.
*Sir brags about me to everyone.
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4 Responses Dec 6, 2012

You are all very lucky in that family. I cannot see a loser in that situation.

Wow, he's a lucky man

Where did you get your name "danacarolyn" You do have 2 masters ??

You have chosen your positions according to your wishes Have a good time