Let Go And Fall

 I submit to him completely and turn to him for direction.  I love the care he gives me by protecting me even from myself. The decision he makes for me is out of love and care for me and not to control or break me.  He helps me grow by pushing me to my limits and is there to hold me when I am shaken.  Today I confessed to him that I was so in love with him that it frightened me, his response was so dead on it was even more frightening. I have been fighting his feelings and my feelings trying to control what can never be controlled. We feel what we feel-- suppressing our feelings doesn't change them, it is just one more thing to stress us. Just let yourself go and feel those feelings no matter how frightening they are.

kuriousgyrl kuriousgyrl
36-40, F
1 Response Feb 9, 2010

Words you wrote here are very similar to what I have with my Dominus, my M. As a control-freak of a Virgo, I'm even trying to control how I feel for him, scared of letting them overwhelm me. He just accepts it, all of it. I'm learning, bit by bit, to trust in them, in him...in me. And let go.