I Went Back In My Mid 30's

When I went back to school, I thought I only needed my bachelors degree, but I needed my masters degree as well. Wow, what a surprise! But I did it and graduated with honors. So now I am working in a fun field being a therapist with a multiple-aged population. I'll owe money for my loans forever...but heck...ya can't take your bills with ya! I would recommend that you see the demand od your field before going for your masters, and if it is, it's well worth it!
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2 Responses Mar 28, 2011

I completed my first MA in 1993 at the age of 24, went back to the university and finished another MA in 2002. It was great. Wish I could complete a PhD and go back to teaching again. I miss academic life.

congrats, I wish I had finished mine when I was that age. I have tried a couple of times and had to quit for various reasons, now in my 50s I am 2 more semesters in finishing my masters. It became a bucket list thing for me.