I graduated with a Masters in Education from Monash University last month and surprised myself with a High Distinction average. Although I work in this field as head of an art and design school, I didn't really need the qualification for job advancement. Instead, I saw it as a personal challenge; and an opportunity to become a positive role model for my daughter who is in high school. It's now her turn to study hard; and my turn to support her intellectual growth.
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Thanks to all of you lovely people for your positive and encouraging comments!

Wow congratulations, it takes a lot of effort to take up a challenge to get back to studies after dropping it for a while and interesting purpose you chose to do it, amirable.<br />
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Have thought of it but never ended up doing it , what kind of classmates did you have and how was the experience with them?<br />
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Good luck and congrats once again<br />
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now thats what I call getting a Head Start .. LOL

Thank you ALL for your lovely comments.<br />
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The graduation ceremony was fantastic and a great opportunity to catch up with class mates. <br />
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I forgot to tell you that the caps were made in Pakistan... Lily x

How was the graduation ceremony :P

congrats lilly

It's so nice to hear that someone would undertake such an endeavor not because it was required of them but because it challenged them. I'm sure you have high distinction in a lot of different facets of your life. Kudos to you......