My Diploma

After much struggle, hard work and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I did it...i received my diploma on Friday. I wish I could show you the whole name is in big gold letters and the diploma is huge.

I had it framed and it is huge!  I am not sure where to hang it but i need  to post a new pic of the diplomoa now! 

Graduation is in Anaheim, CA for my class...nope, can't go..but I want to share my joy and accomplishment with you!

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mmmmm you are smart and sexy ! I want you :)

well i want you back...xo

Congratulations to you!!!! Big pat on the back!

why thank you! I am working on another degree right now. I had this one framed and it is where to hang it.

I just put mine in a pile on the shelf, to me the importance is in the knowledge you get from earning those degrees. People will know that you have them not by seeing them hanging on a wall but by listening to how you speak. Just my view point. Congratulations again on an awesome achievement! And good luck on your next one. you AKH.....well done, !!! you are the total intelligent woman, a good heart and a good person...:)
I'm so proud of you....!

awwww.. you are one special lady yourself.


you are one nice lady! thank you so much.

Congratulations! That's quite an accomplishment

Please give yourself a big pat on the back and take a bow :)

why thank you! i kind of splurged and got it deluxe framed!

And make it a BIG one. Bigger is certainly better in this case :). Big enough and fancy enough to hang over the fireplace.

Our daughter is on schedule to receive her masters this next spring. Dad and Mom are on record for offering to buy the frame.

This is a BIG achievement. 1,000 more doors become approachable. You become a certified authority. Only one more big step before newspapers start quoting you :)

thank you for a beautiful message! It is being framed as we speak...all 171.00 dollars...and they claimed i saved 303.00 for this diploma!
you must be proud...congrats to you too!

Congratulations Sweetie.

Thank you so much! i had to share...


thank you sweetie. now where have you been. missed you!

Congratulations!!! I'm very proud of you, my friend. I am hoping this helps bring even more joy into your world...

you give me joy my sweet man. thank you so much for your \"insight\"

Congrats!!! this calls for a celebration!!


Thank you babe. this calls for a trip to see you. LOL we need to celebrate in person.

I strongly suspect you are a "master" at more things than u claim! Dwayne

you think? I am so honored...let me make sure you are still on m y friends list..xo

Congrats. Welcome to the club!

Do you have your masters or CPCU?

Masters of Science in Geology and Geophysics

WOW! i have my undergraduate in history ed and my masters in insurance...hench the CPCU. I would love to get to know you more.

And I you....

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I am also working on a M.Ed. for certification; I already have two baccalaureate degrees, one in Political Science, one in History. Would love to teach American History, Colonial/Revolutionary/Constitution era; however, history teachers are not needed; coaches are! (Oh, BTW: Mind doing that dumb history gig too?) Meanwhile, we in America continue blithely go about fulfilling Santayana's prophecy: "Those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it."


I love your response. I actually decided to teach social studies as a substitute because at the time I had small children.. I knew the coach thing would be a problem.

A real accomplishment - not an easy task.

thank you so much. have you ever wanted to do something so badly it just hangs over your head? that is what happened here. i look at the diploma and just can't believe it.

Congratulations, sweetheart!



Congratulations....From personal experience, I really know how hard they can be to complete. All of your hard word has paid off, time to celebrate.

I agree! I have planned a wonderful vacation abroad...thank you!

It just doesn't seem like enough but I agree...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! And your name has always been in big gold letters. You just keep making all of us as proud as we can be of you. Especially me....Lots and lots of kisses and very fond embraces!

you sweet thing you...yes YOU!

Congratulations darlin'. Now is a great time to ask for a raise. LOL!

I am taking the diploma in tomorrow!

Good for you. ((((((((((HUGS & KISSES))))))))))

It hangs on the ceiling above the bed for the first year you have it so when you lie down to sleep you can look at it and smile.

Congratulations!! I am jealous.

That is abeautiful thought...thank you!

I followed LadyR here.... congratulations! I am a huge proponent of education and I know this took a lot of work. Good for you :)

Thank you somuch for the kind words. I almost had a nervous breakdown on this one. the final exam was in finance and accounting..geez, i can't even balance my check book. i passed it on the first try..

I no longer have connection with this side of the world, except for balancing my own home budget, but this brought me back to those years, formulating balance sheet, profit and loss margin. . . everything was a challenge. . .Good luck to your next destination!

you are very sweet (I have heard that from many people). oh boy...i can't even think those dirty words...budget, balance sheet, income statement, net present value..ugh


thank you my friend!

Does this open more doors for you?

It could. it is the equivalent for sitting for the bar exam or the CPA. only 5% in my industry has this degree and it is pretty prestigious...

Again, congratulations on the accomplishment. I hope that it also has material benefits.

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Oh, isn't this nice! I admire people who never stop to seek for more knowledge. Congratulations!

I need one more class for my next designation! I am studying now.

Hey congrats on a wonderful achievement. xox

thank you sweetie. my pic does not do it justice. it is really big and impressive looking.

You should be proud.


Congratulations my dear!

thank you babe...where you been? pm me and lets catch up.