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I have a masters in Information Technology and Business.... it was a joint degree so it is just one diploma. I don't use either one being that I'm an author and door to door sales person.

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A month before I graduated the IT bubble burst so many of the junior positions were filled with senior people. <br />
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Luckily, I got a job as a Business Analyst working with both programmers and users and a Network Administrator. I did like the Business Analyst position as I got to work with both the technical and the non technical side. However as a Network Administrator I became that techie that is just angry at people ignorance to computers. I didn't like the person I was becoming so I left. <br />
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Life also took me in a different path. My aunt passed away and my contract as the Business Analyst finished so I moved back home. Here in South Florida there aren't many positions if one doesn't speak fluent spanish so I became a temp. I loved some of the places I worked but quickly worked myself out of a job... I'm too efficient. *shrugs* Then I stared to face a past experience and found out that I could write. <br />
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I write self empowerment books for kids.

Why aren't you in the field you studied? Did you get sick of the fields because of the degree? Or did life just take you on a different path?<br />
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Also, what are you writing?

I am a fisherman. I went to college and got a BS. Everyone knows what BS is. I wanted to learn how to fish really well, so I got an MS. that means more of the same. Now I am a Master-baiter. The only thing is, when I tell people that they think I am trying to be funny.