Insane Sister

My sister wants $5000 before she will even talk to me to reconcile.  My sister offered to take me in during the last 2 years of high school, but I didn't ask her to.  She never said I had to pay her back.  She offered to pay for my college, but I told her no because she had done enough and now I have 75k in student loans.  I could understand if we had an agreement where I was supposed to pay her back, but we didn't.  I've told her I was grateful numerous times, but it's never enough for her.  Finally I told her if she was going to hang that over my head for the rest of my life, she should have never helped me.  I would be more willing to pay her if she didn't demand it as a condition for reconciling.  If she wants money, she's going about it all wrong.  There's a better way to handle it, but she just makes me more mad to the point where I don't want to give her anything since she's being so hateful in her ways.        
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