3 Little Witches

I have 3 older sisters and the are really mean to me! My oldest sister once told me she would take me to a restaurant and she never did, she cared more about my cousins birthday and took him! She never keeps her promises that's why i sometimes am really mad. My sisters know i wanna go to places but if they would take me. They make plans to go have fun with my cousins right in my face and they don't bother to invite me. I get really mad at my sisters that i don't even want any!!! My sisters don't even bother to appreciate what i do for them! They ask me to go get their laptop or glasses, i pods, phones and everything! I may ask them to buy me something they would say for my birthday but like if that ever happens!!!
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

must be hard

I'm sorry, I know that it's not easy to have mean sisters , I have two of them :(