Older Sister Beat Me Up

Every day after school it was terrible. We lived in an affluent area with a large house and a pool. Dad left when I was in 2nd grade. My older sister is 5 years above me. Every day she beat the sh*t out of me. Broke my bedroom door while trying to get me. I had black eyes and bloody noses all the time and my sister would tell my mom that I fell or something. I have 2 younger sisters and told my older sister to beat me instead. She threw cans of orange juice, etc.... I can't even say any more.
sisteragain sisteragain
4 Responses Jul 4, 2012

did you do anything to provoke her?

That is bad. My sister chokes me if she doesn't like the song I am singing and rips fistfulls of hair out of my head. One time, she even stabbed me with a vacuum plug-in right next to my eye, and when I ran into the kitchen to tell my mom, she wrapped a dish towell around my neck. When my mom came into the room she started dabbing my eye with it and said the cat scratched me.

Im so sorry you were treated so badly. We cant pick our families. But Ive decided to never see mine again. At least for now. They are not sorry and they dont think they need to be. We cant fix stupid. Take care,Lisa

that sounds bad my sister poured boiling water on my bare skin one time sorry to hear that