I Have a Mean Sister

I have a very mean sister.  My father bought a condo for my sister & I to share so that we both could afford a place to live.  My father intended on helping me financially by letting me live here with my sister.  (He recently gave her ownership of the property by the way).  My sister is a year younger than myself.  We were "friends" before we moved in together.  My sister always has been a very private person and very controlling...I didn't know how bad she really was!  

On my moving day I brought my best friend of 10 years, to this new home for moral support.  My sister was very cold & distant & pulled my friend aside & began to tell him awful stories about my past just to be mean!  The stories weren't even the whole truth!  I couldn't believe my ears!  All hurtful lies!  I was in tears all day.  I also have a mean father who also told his awful stories about me!  I knew from that day on that my sister was mean.

Everyday now since that day, she has been at times physically abusive & verbally abusive,  She is unbelievable!  My sister uses fear, humiliation, verbal abuse, & constant criticism to try to control me.  She is constantly berating & belittling me by intimidation.  She tries to wear me down with her emotional abuse, insults, criticism & accusations. She wants to control my every action too.  She has characterly assasinated me to all the neighbors here at the condo & to other family & relatives too.    My sister berates, criticizes, excessively blames me using sarcasm & humiliation, name callling,& blowing my flaws way out of proportion.  

I stay locked in my own bedroom whenever she is home just to avoid another confrontation.  I'm always on edge waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I remain hypervigilant, waiting for my sister's next outburst or change of mood.  I believe my sister deliberately starts arguments to be in constant conflict with me.  She likes to be angry.

Can anyone relate?  Like I stated earlier, we were "friends" until she gave me the keys to the condo. 

She ps beyond reasoning with.  She is out of control.  She will not accept my boundaries either.  She gets right in my face when she yells at me.  She akso has said that my needs & wants don't matter to her & that is exactly how she treats me...with no respect whatsoever.  My mother & other 5 siblings won't have nothing to do with my sister because she's been cruel to them also. 






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I also lived with my older sister for 3 months while between Jr. college and Senior college.When I came home from a date at 12 pm midnight,she locked the dead bolt lock and would not let me in.She told me through the door I had stayed out too late.I spent the night on the porch in the swing.Thank God school started in about a week so I got to move out.I was 19 or 20 at the time.Now I am 56 and she still hates me and my husband,and my brother.We live in different states now and don`t have much contact.Good luck with your MEAN SISTER!!!

I'm very sorry that you have to go through all this, I know how you feel. I very much hope things get better for you and your sister. Someone who is miserable tries to make others miserable as well, I sincerely hope that you can make peace with your sister, life seems long now, but it really is quite short. Hope your day goes well. ((Hugs))