Anesthesia Gas

Hi,I have a anesthesia fetish and love to be put under with gas, I have also had a few nice dental visits using the laughing gas is there anything I can buy to put me under or sedate me that I can mix with oxygen?
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I want someone to do me like that. but be safe and attentive to me.

If you would like to chat about my anaesthesia experiances feel free to drop me a message.

Never and I mean never ever do gas or inhalents by yourself, the very act of breathing these substances makes you unable to look after and care for yourself.
If you are going to indulge in serious play you need someone to watch over you while you play.
It is far to easy to put yourself to sleep for ever, you will be totally unaware of it happening either because of the effects of the anaesthesia.

where can i get medical nitrous oxide?

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