First Timer: ***** Fully On Dispaly

Why do they make you ***** and put on the gown before you can even see the doctor?

At my first pelvic exam visit, I found this especially disconcerting and scary.

Not only that, but the nurse you do get to see before the real event starts always makes sure to tell you to remove all your clothes... including your bra and panties. 

Why can't I at least keep the panties on? Or the bra? Does it really take that much time to let me remove and replace each garment after being examined there?

I never understood that. 

I really think the medical field in general likes to keep patients feeling vulnerable and exposed... we're more submissive in that kind of situation and argue less.  In fact, I think the reason why so many of us feel eroticism from medical exams is because those in the medical field have purposely set up a Dominant and submissive type situation so that they can more easily control unwilling patients. 

Sex, at its core, is one person submitting to another, which is essentially what happens during a medical exam and certain medical practices seem like they're purposely set up to enhance this sexual dynamic. 

I've only ever agreed to see female doctors as I don't want to feel that special bond with a male that I've just met.. being fondled sexually makes me feel attached to the male doing it and I just don't want to feel that with a male I don't even know at all (though I have to admit, it's fun to sometimes fantasize what it would be like to be examined so intimately by a male stranger... rape fantasy part of my brain making itself known). 

But even with just seeing female doctors, I can't help but get excited when they have their hands all over my naughty bits. 

My first doctor to give me my first pelvic exam was a small petite woman, about 5'5" or so.  If felt especially awkward being in such a state of undress in front of her as I myself am somewhere between 5'8'' and 5'9"... if either one of us was to be the dominant one based on body types, it seemed like it should be me, yet I was the one undressed and obeying her instructions. 

That observation alone made me feel a little tingly when I really didn't want to feel tingly. 

I don't remember a hundred percent of what happened then, but I remember feeling shocked when she had me open the front of the gown so that she could reach under one of my rather large breasts to hear my heartbeat with her super cold stethoscope.  I couldn't remember that happening the last time I went to a doctor which was admittedly around 5 or so years before (I actually had my first breast exam at that time which I'll write about in some future post) and I hadn't really been mentally prepared for it, though it was just a tiny taste of the exams to follow. 

Next thing I remember clearly was the breast exam where she had me expose myself then lay back on the table.  I was told put one arm at a time behind my head and then she went to work massaging each large mound with her tiny hands working in small circles from my arm pits to the inner edge of each breast.  Seeing those tiny tanned hands against my pale flesh, touching in a place where normally large male hands usually touched, was very disconcerting.  Again I felt the weirdness of being so submissive to someone so much smaller then myself and the juxtaposition of it again made me feel a bit tingly increased substantially by the fact that she was touching my breasts, a major erogenous zone on my body. 

All of this was make my ***** feel a little damp, increasing my apprehension of the most dreaded part of exam; the part where said ***** would be on full display for her. 

At first I thought that maybe it wasn't as bad as I suspected down there; maybe my degree of wetness would be within the range of norm for most women's *******. 

I was able to hold on to that hope until she she lightly squeezed my nipples; how can anybody stay dry after their body is handled in such a way?!

I could definitely feel the wetness down there after the nipple squeeze part of the exam. 

I was given permission at that point to sit up and cover myself as she pulled over a tray of goodies that struck a strong note of fear within me. 

As I tried to retie the gown back into place, I couldn't seem to stop my hands from trembling. 

She then took my legs in her hands and gently moved them from side to side.  She told me she was checking for moles or other dangerous skin stuff, which really confused me; that didn't seem like a normal thing for this kind of exam, so I'm not sure why she did that, but being handled like that was kind of nice in a weird way. 

Then she had me scooch down to the table edge, her hands still on my legs, she helped guide my feet into the waiting stirrups. 

Once there, she helped me drape a thin, paper cloth like thing across my lap (how exactly was that supposed to make me feel better? It didn't change the fact that my *****, the part I most didn't want to show, would soon be on DISPLAY for her). 

There was a pause at this point, and then she said with an amused smile, "Can you open your knees for me? I can't see anything with them closed like that." 

It took me another thirty seconds before I could submit and open up... it was so hard to do, much harder then opening my legs to loose my virginity had been. 

Knowing how brightly lit the room was, and knowing that I was rather wet down there were significant contributors to my unwillingness to grant her access to that part of my anatomy.  Opening my knees to expose my wet ***** to her was probably the most humiliating moment of my life, and the most submissive gesture because of that. 

Thankfully she was a professional and she made no comment on what she saw down there. 

I have since thought about this and I think another part of the reason why she made no comment about the excited state of my ***** was that she was expecting it to be in some state of excitement. 

I mean, the way they always carry out the whole thing with the breast exam being first is suspiciously like fore play... I mean, if they didn't want to see us excited between our legs, wouldn't it make more sense to do the pelvic part first and then the breast? I wonder if they purposely do it that way so it's easier to insert their speculum in there or maybe they really are trying to recreate a sexual dynamic of a Dominant and submissive so that you'll be more obedient to them...

Back to the story, after i finally had opened my knees, she had me scooch even farther down the end of the table so my butt was practically hanging off the edge and my ***** was even closer to her gaze. 

Next came the speculum which wasn't nearly as unpleasant as I had expected it to be... I'm so glad I never got examined while still a virgin as I'm sure even with a small sized one that probably would have been some degree of painful. 

The only bad part of this was a made a slight moaning noise when she put it in. 

I really didn't mean too, but my boyfriend at the time had been working on me to be louder during sex and if you constantly get rewarded for making noise whenever you feel sexually aroused, it's hard to stop a moan when you're wet and being penetrated by something. 

Once it was in and my inner depths were now also on display, she took a minute or two to look around down there. 

Then came the pap smear which also wasn't painful like I had been expecting it to be; I barely felt it. 

Then the speculum was pulled out rather suddenly and I let out a little gasp, clearly audible in the tiny exam room. 

She didn't seem phased at all my aroused noises that seemed to keep escaping from my lips which further leads me to think this really is something doctors expect to happen and they even set it up to happen without being too obvious about it. 

She lubed up two of her gloved fingers and inserted those into me next. 

I was able to bite my lip and keep from making any noise this time, but i twas really hard.  Her tiny fingers moving around inside of me was the most stimulating sensation yet (aren't doctors supposed to warn you before touching you? She really never did throughout the whole examination processes). 

I kept hoping she'd accidentally touch my **** or even go ahead and directly examine it, but no matter how much her fingers probed down there, she mysteriously never even so much as grazed my throbbing button. 

It was incredibly frustrating... i wanted some relief so bad...

She then did the thing where she pushed on my stomach and pushed out with her two fingers from inside me, feeling up my ovaries. 

It was a weird sensation. 

Then, after having built my body up to such heights of frustration, she swiftly pulled her fingers from me...

I kind of felt like a cruel trick had been played and someone was denying me ******...

I was then allowed to dress myself and sit up once again. 

I wasn't given any cloth or tissues to wipe up the mess that my ***** was in; by that time I had copious amounts of my own juices as well as her various lubes collected there and I felt decidedly uncomfortable.  I was left with no choice though but to pull on my panties, getting them unnecessarily dirty and wet.  I felt too embarrassed to ask to use the restroom there, so I ended up waiting until I got home to clean myself and take care of certain frustrations. 
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A frustrating experience to be sure! Being within the Health community I can say that she did lack some basic people skills and compassion. I'm glad she's not my doctor! Better luck next time or try another doctor. Thanks

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I didn't realize a check up at the doctor office could be so sensual

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