Gyno With Latex Gloves

I have a fantasy where a young girl (16-20) has to have her first gyno exam and she is in the waiting room and she is nervous and she is worried about having someone look at her and she is worried what will happen if someone touches her and looks at her "down there", she is worried she might get wet from it and they'll know and it'll be humiliating, and she accidentally turns herself on a little just from thinking about it. Then when her name is finally called, her doctor is a man in his fifties and he's balding and kind of gross and he's a little odd and innapropriate. She'll put on a medical gown and there will be a very pretty nurse in the room with them. The girl will sit on the table that's covered with that tissue paper and the dr. first does routine stuff like listens to her heart and takes blood pressure, then puts on latex gloves and checks her breasts and lingers a little more than necessary, and she panics because she can feel herself getting wetter and she can tell she will leave a wet spot on the paper. The Dr. then continues the exam in a way that is slightly inappropriate, but due to this being her first time, she isn't sure it's wrong or if it's normal. When he sees that she is wet, he kind of chuckles. She puts her feet in stirrups with the nurse's help who has to practically pry her legs apart, and he fingers her with the gloves "just checking" but she is wet and it feels really good. He would also finger her anus and check her rectal temperature and eventually force her to climax as some sort of important "medical test".
seywat seywat
Nov 28, 2012