Ok, my friends, this one might surprise you.  I don't write about my fetishes because I'm afraid that you guys will realize just how weird I actually am.  But this time, after texting with my friend RichiChicki, I felt the need to write it.  Thanks, Ricki, for getting me in trouble like this.  And naturally, I'm naked as I type this.  *mewold shows a fake sad face as his dangly bits stop dangling.*
     Through the years, I have spent so much time in the hospital, for so many different reasons, that I have developed a fetish about nurses.  Not just nurses in general, but forceful nurses.  I have a thing for nurses who like to be bossy and sexual. I’m going to tell you a true story about one such nurse.  
     I was in the hospital because my potassium level was totally messed up and they were trying to keep my internal organs from shutting down.  You guys know that I don’t wear clothes in the hospital, nor do I cover up with a sheet.  If it bothers someone, they simply knock before entering and then I cover up for them. How can you be a nudist if you aren’t open about it.  At the hospital I use, even the food service workers have a habit of coming in without knocking.  It has never bothered me, and I assume it has never bothered them.
     They were keeping me on intravenous pain meds and other things that made me sleep much of the day through.  But when I was awake, I was mentally alert.  This time, I woke up, and things were different.  It was surreal.  I was sweating profusely.  Both of my arms were tied with the unused top sheet, not in a way that I could never get out, but in my mental state, I would have had trouble freeing myself.  But the nurse could have done it in an instant.  My mind felt numb.  I was having trouble focusing on what was going on. 
     The bed was raised up as high as it would go.  My midsection was almost as high as her chest.    And I was totally erect.  My penis was on hi alert.  Lol  She had my meds there, and when she saw my eyes open, she started giving them to me.  She put them in my mouth.  She did not untie my arms at any time when I was awake.  And she didn’t even mention my hard, and almost ready to *** Penis.  It was actually throbbing and dripping precum. 
     Then I went back out.  When I woke up again, the bed was back into the normal position and height and my arms were no longer tied (or restrained).  I don’t know what was going on, but I was both frightened and extremely hot!  Since nurses are a fetish of mine, it made a lasting impression.  I wish I could have thought to say that there was no reason to drug me.  The experience was both terrible and wonderful.  I don’t know if I did, but I hope I came.....
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prettyopenminded, we could have interesting fantasy fun with that one. The pictures would be fun too.

Laughing my skinny butt off, Scarcollection. If you enacted your fantasy, you could only do it one time. Thanks for the comment.

I know, that's why it stays fantasy. ;-) Some things just don't work in reality, besides: I'm not a crazy person, I don't want something like that for real.

Anyway, a bit more ontopic: medical/nurse fetishes aren't that uncommon, I can understand the appeal. :-)
My fear of needles makes it not my cup of tea, but some 'medical' aspects are in my range of interest too, things like being inspected (wich also has overlap with my military fetish or even pony-play) or straightjackets, if we can call that medical too.

SunniL, this fed into my fantasy about nurses, but this is a true story. It actually happened to me. I wish I could remember more of it. It both scared and excited me sexually. I was talking to another nurse about it and she said that these things happen in hospitals. She said that some nurses (and techs), find fertile ground for THEIR fantasies which are about controlling some patients.

BAH! You are not weird!
Many people have different types of fetishes.
We should embrace them (as long as they are within legal limits, no under age stuff, murdering etc...).
Thanks for sharing!

To be a cocky b*tch: I fantasize erotically about murder, am I evil yet? :-D
Problem is: if I fantasize about that, it's usually me who gets murdered and it's a fantasy-only thing of course. ;-)

Hey fantasizing and DOING it are two different things! There was a point in my life where I had planned a certain person's demise to my own satisfaction with no way of getting caught. It was a lovely and brilliantly planned fantasy. I did manage to control my fantasy though and just sated my blood thirst with a Hershey's Bar... and a signed divorce decree!

I can't say I have ever fantasized about being murdered. Other non-ethical/legal.morally depraved things ya... Those shall stay locked up in my head forever!

And Scar you are being a cocky b*tch today aren't ya? LOVE IT!

It's because I'm restless... I ate to much today, this makes me annoying and spunky. :-p
But you're welcome. ^^

I like annoying and spunky!

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How AWESOME to see a story from you, nurse fetish and all!! I think it's a pretty hot one too!;) Yayy to Rickichick for inspiring it!! Yayyy on you for sharing it!! :D

Hey! I didn't force you to write this, naughty Mike! :-P
You never asked what happened? Why you were tied that way?
I was in hospital a few times and saw some yummy male nurses there! ;-)

Naughtiness is the salt of life! Hehe

Well, I've never really spent extended stays in a hospital and I've got all sorts of medical, so you are not so strange. I'm sure hot nurses tying you up and all would make it difficult not to get all turned on. At least you know you've still got it going on down there :-).