In My Bedroom!

It started after watching one hour photo where Robin Williams has a huge wall of every photo the family he was obsessed with had taken!!

I have watched that film so many times n every time i see the wall I'm amazed!
So since then i have wanted to do one of my own (but obvs my family and memories!)

It started off with just a couple of photos n then it was the whole of above my bed then it spread up my walls around the side of my shelves etc!
My mum hated it n said it looked a mess so when she went on holiday me n my sister created the one hour photo wallish! we put aload of photos up and leaflets and everything we could lay our hands on! even quells info sheet! just to take the mic!!!

But when she got back we never took it down! but yes we have swapped the stupid things to decent things!

On my wall i have photos of me, the family, friends n places i have been! My tattoo appointment card?? my certificate for my charity  walks! little things i got in turkey, pics the lil ones have done for me, n pics i have drawn, tickets when we went to see mcfly and will young! postcards, everything which i can look at to remember the fun times!

i don't think i will ever take it down as i sit n look at it whenever i get upset n depressed n it makes me smile!
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2 Responses Mar 17, 2007

When you get married I don't think you could put that in your room, lol. But you could make a little relaxing area in that house and do it in there. :)

Your room must be very interesting that is actually a pretty cool idea