Starting Again

I have been stuggling with my depression since I was young. However after a very hard weekend spent in Hospital I am now ready to get better. I want nothing more than to be happy and active again.

In order to do this I have made some tough decisions. On the outside , it looks like I have a great time , I live in a beautiful apartment in Central London with my best friend in the world , I have great career prospects etc but inside i am a complete mess.

I have decided to

Quit my job , to take time for myself and look after my mind

 Temporarily Leave my flat and flatmate - the hardest of all , I need to time to sort myself out to my parents  and allow myself to get better, I can then move back in when I feel well and am ready to cope. I fully appreciate that its no fun to watch someone with depression so by removing myself , I feel although my flatmate does not think so at the minute its best to remove him from this situation so he can have a break and I can get better without guilt.

Take control of my therapy and meds- I know longer want to walk around like a complete zombie , I am making sure that I know what medication I am taking and am fully commited to my therapy !

I cant tell you how scared I am , and how much I miss my flatmate right now, but I know it will be a complete disaster it I dont take action
GemLondon GemLondon
22-25, F
Jul 20, 2010