I'm Bipolar...and An Ex-drunk

Three years ago I was diagnosed as having Bipolar Disorder (DSM IVR 296.43) and am an alcoholic in remission for the past six years.  I have always had wild mood swings and would do strange things at the drop of a hat, like go out for a sandwich-in PIttsburgh, 10 hours drive away.  I finally had to be hospitalized under a "voluntary" commitment after I decided it would be best if I had a "traffic accident" in a rural area 20 miles outside of town: I could no longer stand the mood swings, I was terrified of them in fact.  And mentall illness ran in my family.

My life is more or less on track now, but I have to confess that I am bitter over the time that was lost: material possesions can be re-aquired, new career paths can be forged, but once time has passed, it's passed and it ain't coming back.  So yeah I'm bitter about that.  But beyond that, believe that I am a stronger person for it, and I hope I can use that for society's-and my-benefit.
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Being Bipolar makes me mad as hell. I have had doctors that had me on so much medicine I was in a stupor. I have learnd to deal with the ups and downs. I know once I am manic to just roll with it. I also know with the coming down, I have to find something to do. I am off a lot of the medicine that has been prescribed. I feel better today and trust myself today to get through to the end. I am not suggeting all of you try to give up your medicine. I couldn't have made it in the beginning without it.<br />
Its been 15 years I have been fighting this disease. I live with it now better and more effectively.

Like you I'm in dual recovery from bipolar and alcoholism... loved your story!